• Political Candidate Assessment: Am I Ready to Run?

    People in suits in runner's position
    Posted on Jun 25, 2020 by Joe Fuld

    Becoming a Political Candidate Is No Small Undertaking

    Before any runner steps up to the starting blocks, there are months and months of preparation done to ensure they are ready. The same goes for a political candidate deciding to run for office. Here’s a self-assessment guide that’s a follow up to our e-book Are You Ready to Run for Office? and can help potential first-time candidates make a thoughtful decision. We admire anyone who is willing to…
  • Political Photography Tips for your Campaign

    Political Photography Tips
    Posted on Jun 22, 2020 by

    Political Photography- Eight tips for Winning Campaign Photographs 

    Political photography is a critical element for any political, independent expenditure ballot measure or member engagement campaign . A picture is worth a thousand words, especially in the world of political communications, where space is limited, and readers’ attention spans are minimal. This means that the images you choose for your campaign are…
  • Deciding to Run for Office Ultimate Guide

    Photo of the Capitol building
    Posted on Jun 18, 2020 by Martín Diego Garcia

    Why do you want to run for office? Do you have a good answer?

    A run for office is not easy. Once you’ve decided to run for office you will need to answer the question “why are you running?” For some it is an easy question to answer because you’re running to solve a particular problem and have a passion for the work that needs to be done in a particular office. For others, the answer may be murkier. Knowing the reason(s) behind your run for office and what your goals is once you are elected is critical to being a successful candidate. Having a…
  • Political Direct Mail Is Going Green

    Woman standing in forest
    Posted on Jun 15, 2020 by Elena Veatch

    Your Political Direct Mail Can Be Eco-Friendly 

    Political direct mail is one of the most effective ways to reach voters, but I’ll be the first to admit: all that paper takes a toll on our environment. At The Campaign Workshop, we’re passionate about protecting our natural world—luckily for us, so are a lot of the printers we work with. I won’t get lost in the weeds here on the eco-friendly certifications print shops are pursuing, but I’ll give you a quick low-down to put your mind at ease. TL;DR: You can run a direct mail program for your…
  • Make Change for Racial Justice

    black and white colors, group of people at protest with girl holding up Black Lives Matter sign
    Posted on Jun 12, 2020 by Mariana Boully Perez
     * © Photo by Stacy Beck

    What Resources and Direct Actions Can You Take for Racial Justice?

    This past week we've seen folks across the country come together, demanding criminal justice and police reform. Here at The Campaign Workshop, we stand with those fighting systemic and institutionalized racism in our country. We are taking a critical look at ourselves to change and grow into better advocates for Black lives. There is a lot of work to be done, but police violence against Black communities must end.  We need to elect government officials…
  • Digital Advocacy Campaign: How Do You Measure Success?

    Digital Advocacy Campaign Magnifying glass over numbers
    Posted on Jun 11, 2020 by Claire Regan

    Digital Advocacy Campaign - What Metrics Should I Care About?

    Every digital advocacy campaign is different and has unique goals. Therefore, there are a variety of metrics that you should focus on depending on your goals. There is not a one-size-fits-all benchmark or metric to track the success of every digital advocacy campaign. For example, if you are running a donations campaign to raise money for your cause, the metrics you track will be very different from the metrics you would track if you were running an accountability campaign. It’s…
  • Lincoln Mitchell: 7 Qs on San Francisco, Social Movements, & Politics

    Lincoln Mitchell Golden Gate Bridge view from street level with a blue and yellow sky
    Posted on Jun 10, 2020 by The Campaign Workshop

    Lincoln Mitchell - How Political & Social Movements in 1978 Transformed San Francisco

    Lincoln Mitchell is a political analyst and writer based in New York and San Francisco. In his book, San Francisco Year Zero: Political Upheaval, Punk Rock and a Third Place Baseball Team, Mitchell explores how San Francisco became a city of contradictions as one of the most socially liberal cities with some of the worst income inequality in the United States. As a native of San Francisco, he explores 3 key events from 1978 from a personal and political…
  • Online Petitions: Is it time to get rid of the clipboard?

    Students signing petitions opposed to online petitions
    Posted on Jun 08, 2020 by Elena Veatch

    Online Petitions: Build Your Email List - With Digital List Building

    You don’t need a clipboard for online petitions, but you do need a strategy. Online petitions are a great way to bolster your supporter base around an issue. You can use a digital action as a hook to get folks involved with your campaign or cause in the long run. List building isn’t always easy, quick, or cheap—make sure you plan ahead so you can do it right and make the most out of your new supporters. How do online petitions work? There are a couple different reliable, cost-…
  • Down-Ballot Campaign Political Campaign Strategies

    Woman campaigning for local election
    Posted on Jun 04, 2020 by Joe Fuld

    Down-Ballot Campaign - Five Tips to Win!

    A Down-ballot campaign is  a great starting place for first-time candidates or folks who want to start working on campaigns. Getting involved in your local or state government is an important and noble task. State and local governments combined spend more than the federal government and some county governments are bigger than state governments.  There is a lot of opportunity for public service in down…
  • Printer Proof Review Tips. What to Look for in your printing proof

    Woman looking at a printer proof
    Posted on Jun 03, 2020 by The Campaign Workshop

    Printer Proof Check: 8 Tips for Checking Political Printing

    So you send your final political direct mail file off to the printer and breathe a sigh of relief—until you get your printer proof. Now what? The political printing process continues long after you finalize designing and proofing your direct mail file in-house. After you send off your final political direct mail file, the printer will send you back something called a print proof that you need to approve. A print proof is an exact mockup of what your piece will look like when it prints…
  • Vote Goal and Vote Deficit: How many votes do I need to win?

    Tallies on chalkboard with phrase "Gotta have a vote goal"
    Posted on Jun 01, 2020 by Ben Holse

    Vote Goal and Vote Deficit: What are they?  Why Do I Need Them?

    When you’re deciding to run for office, one of the very first things you should do is bust out your trusty calculator and calculate your campaign’s vote goal. Your vote goal is the number of votes needed to win your election. Your campaign has one goal: to convince enough voters to show up to the polls on Election Day or during early vote and vote for you. To…
  • Storytelling: Bring Campaign Communications to Life

    Girl in front of pink brick wall with colorful chalk lines drawn -storytelling for campaign communications.
    Posted on May 28, 2020 by Joe Fuld

    Storytelling Tips to Strengthen Your Campaign Communications

    Storytelling in campaign communications can have a powerful impact on your advocacy campaign, member outreach or political communications. There are many ways to bolster your message, from numbers and statistics to expert testimony to eye-catching visuals, but one tactic that sometimes gets overlooked is storytelling.  An effective advocacy campaign communications program will work to foster its supporters who have personal connections to issues and organizations into storytellers.…
  • Union Printers Make Great Political Direct Mail Campaigns

    Union Printing press
    Posted on May 27, 2020 by Joe Fuld

    Union Printers and Union Printing - Why We Use Them.

    Here at The Campaign Workshop (TCW), we work with union printers. Union printers are not only committed to providing a safe workplace and fair wages but also benefits to their employees. Without going into a massive labor history lesson, unions are really important both to the middle class in this country and the progressive movement; something we certainly can get behind at TCW!  Why progressive candidates need to use union…
  • Nonprofit Ads: Should I Run a CPA Campaign?

    Person typing Nonprofit ads
    Posted on May 25, 2020 by

    Nonprofit Ads, Budget Wisely - CPA for List Acquisition

    Nonprofit ads are bought with a limited budget. To make the most of their budget for non profit ads, a lot of advocacy organizations will look for ways to increase their membership or put public pressure on legislators. The best way to accomplish both of these goals may be through a CPA campaign. CPA stands for cost per acquisition, which means that the…
  • Community Advocates: What Does It Take?

    Network of people photos
    Posted on May 21, 2020 by Martín Diego Garcia

    Community Advocates Matter, Tips for Community Advocacy.

    When people hear the terms “grassroots organizers” or “community advocates” they often do not see themselves reflected in those descriptions. However, very often they have already been an advocate without even realizing it. Community advocates are anyone advocating or speaking out on behalf of themselves, another person or a cause. Some simple examples of community advocacy are parents who speak out on behalf of their children in school when there is a problem, or someone speaking out on…